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Information Architecture with Dave O'Brien

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Information Architecture is the backbone of our websites. Yet, also the area that often gets overlooked in favour of getting straight to the wireframing. This session is aimed at introducing IA and its goals and methods, learning from an expert, and trying some techniques yourself. 

We'll start out with some pizza and refreshments before settling in to hearing Dave O'Brien, information architect and creator of the TreeJack tool, and author of the upcoming book Tree Testing For Websites. Dave will be teaching us pro tips and tricks on how to improve our IA game. With 20 years of experience in the industry, Dave brings a wealth of knowledge in the field. 

It’s best to learn by doing. Before the Meetup, please do these 2 short online exercises, and we’ll look at our group’s results during the session: 

An open card sort using food! (5-10 minutes) 

A tree test of a typical company website (3-5 minutes) 

As always, if you have a project, idea or subject you would like to talk about or do a workshop with the group, please let us know. UX Wellington meetup is a volunteer run group aimed at fostering a community of people with an interest in User Experience. We want to enable a safe place to share and learn together. If you have any questions, concerns or ideas, please contact us at