Talk + workshop - Swibo's UX challenges + lessons learnt

Huge thanks to Ben Dunn for being prepared to share his Swibo journey and lessons learnt for the UX community.  Great to hear about the idea of games being used to help those recovering from physical injury.  An enjoyable and genuine talk, with one of the longest Q&A sessions we had in a while :)  Here are the slides.  Key notes (some repeated from the slides):

Obvious lessons learned:

  •  “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”
    • Culture aesthetics are important, e.g. in China wood = cheap
    • Also reinforces UX 101 – “you are not your user”
  • You can’t please everyone
    • Pick a target market and stick to it
  • Quality of experience = #1
    • Prioritise positive experience over good design

Current UX challenges:

  • Communicating a multi-platform
  • Onboarding new users
  • Designing for ‘gatekeepers’
    • (also gauging success matrix due to number of variables in data)

We then ran a brief workshop about onboarding experience.  Our UX people split into groups of 6-8, then paired off to discuss two things; a recent good onboarding experience and a dear-God-please-let-that-never-happen again experience.  They then came back together as a group to identify the common themes, which we shared with each other.  And what were the insights?  Tune in to the next exciting blog post to find out :)  (Coming soon!)  


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