Using the crowd for user research @ Assurity

Thank you very much to Rupert and Yvonne @ Assurity for giving up their lunchtime to share their knowledge.  They have v kindly made their slides available.  And here are some notes:

  • How did they get into UX?  They do software testing and started finding out about usability, testing...then some clients started saying "we want some user testing done"  :)
  • Crowd testing = being part of a group that says "I want to test this product"
  • Assurity wanted a user-centric approach that could give feedback immediately
  • The Assurity crowd is 100% New Zealanders...and everyone in the crowd gets paid 
  • What they do (also in the slides); surveys, tree testing, accessibility, card sorting, usability, compatibility
  • "Clients find accessing the crowd is particularly good at ideation (phase)"
  • Clients = flesh out how the test will work and what the problem is they are trying to solve, as well as understand the client's environment
  • Users = need to consider issues such as who employed by, they're getting enough 'work' to stay engaged...they use a Facebook account to update/contact
  • Us (Assurity) = use Optimal Workshop tools, 'oversubscribe' when organising crowd testing to make sure they have enough users, clients such as government seem to like a large number :)
  • When crowd testing need to balance getting open, rich feedback vs not wanting to influence the user too much 
  • Started with a simple state of work, using a lean approach and wanting to create a community...felt Optimal Workshop already had good tools
  • Privacy = they sign a privacy contract, normally going in at ideation or beta stage
  • Factor in Agile by thinking about different ways how they can do it, e.g. using crowd for compatibility then going into the detail in the lab
  • "If you make it outcome based and only focused on 'first to a certain point'..." = no engagement and no good :)
  • Working well = set expectations for the crowd, rewarding quality feedback and respecting the limitations.

Rupert and Yvonne are more than happy to take any questions or continue the conversation.  Thanks! 

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