How do I get into UX?

What a fantastic event at Dockside on what turned out to be a lovely Wellington evening, overlooking the harbour.  HUGE thanks to Robert Walters for putting on the event at such a great venue.  And most importantly, an even bigger thanks to our four wonderful speakers.  Here are a few notes from the evening:

Natasha @ Robert Walters

  • started in finance and a dev background
  • can help you with interviews, CV...
  • will tell you about the role, the culture and what the people are like you are working with 
  • and helps build amazing teams :)

Scarlett @ Westpac

  • talked about what happens when you don't use UX
  • what are the important parts of UX?  can have a different definition in different roles
  • talked about four different parts to any UX design (sorry, didn't capture these from the presentation)
  • need to consider a customer's existing relationship with the business - you are bringing a 'foreign object' in 
  • it is a living, breathing thing that needs to respond to UX needs 
  • if you're thinking about a portfolio, try and avoid "I'm a UI designer who thinks I know what UX is" 

Lucy @ Pik Pok

  • Opened with "I don't know if this is good advice, Oh God I'm sorry" :)
  • there is so much going on that is untrodden ground in games right now
  • people are creating their own usability games
  • has tutored games design and games art
  • "usability in a game is EVERYTHING" - if you walk away with a bad experience = fail
  • Game Jams = design a game in 2 days, stressful but challenges UX boundaries
  • at the moment it's all about iteration and experimentation - "do crazy experiments", you have to respond quickly
  • "Got every opportunity through Twitter" - put yourself out there 

Josie @ ACC

  • nobody knows it all, nobody has to
  • different industries, organisations, with different people
  • New challenges and experiences
  • recommend getting a mentor
  • everyone comes from somewhere different
  • knowing strengths and when you need to ask for help knowing when
  • want to make things better for people
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