Analysis Techniques for Designers by Dominic Rogers

Thank you very much to Dominic Rogers for sharing his knowledge, time with us.  People got great value out of the session, with plenty of questions and discussion going on.  The slides are available here.  And here are a few notes to accompany the presentation:


  • used by psychologists
  • best for one-on-one
  • ask participants to rate using the scale
  • good for comparison across a group
  • a scale of 1-5 can be limiting, recommend a scale of 1-9
  • there are different ways you can then present information and see trends (examples in presentation)
  • when going back to test again, best to use the same sample of people


  • used a lot within the US and big corporates
  • good for prioritisation and where to start
  • rating always has to be "1" and "0"
  • can create the different grids with the same information in random order
  • mainly used for internal stakeholders and users


  • something that Dominic has created :)
  • good for looking at areas of complexity
  • can use it for different personas (examples in presentation)
  • "?" = I have no idea or I won't be making any assumptions

Also a big thanks to Provoke for the pizza, the drinks, the awesome space, that view...and this guy

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