Agile + UX meetup - 22 Feb 2017

Agile and UX - What an awesome topic to kick off our 2017 UX Wellington Meetups!

With lots of new faces joining us, we started the evening with a quick ice breaker. Splitting into groups we had chance to get to know people in the community and to find out what you wanted to get from the UX Meetup.

Using post-it notes (who doesn't love a good post-it note session!), we captured some of your thoughts and shared them with the group.

A highlight of ours was this one …

Building the UX community by stitching the silos together.

This is exactly why we are here as well. To bring people from different industries, both public and private, with a passion for creating the best in user experience together, to build a community that can share knowledge and experience.

To hear that you guys are with us for the same reason makes us really excited for what's ahead!

We organised the first meetup as a panel format and were joined by three speakers from different backgrounds to give us a run down on how they see UX and Agile working together.


Staring us off was Amanda Burrows, a Scrum Master at Provoke Solutions with a history in Agile across public and private sectors. Amanda gave us a general overview of what Agile is, how it's structured and how teams can use the methodology within their UX design process.

Check out this "Agile in a Nutshell" resource. It covers a lot of what Amanda spoke about and gives a general overview of what Agile is.


Next up was Alex Gamble, an Experience Designer for PwC Digital. He gave us an awesome talk based on an eBook he authored called Agile UX Sprints.

He took Google's 5 day approach to Design Sprints, realised it didn't fit with the way PwC Digital were doing things and so re-wrote the approach to better suit their needs. Which resulted in an average design sprint taking 3 days (yep, 3 days!, in fact … sometimes 1 day!!).

By minimising the risk of a sprint through an 'unpacking' phase and backed by three key principles…

  • Requiring the team to co-locate

  • Ensuring the team is cross-functional

  • On-going momentum

…the approach has proved successful.

Some of Alex's recommended reading:

Lean UX by Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden

The Sprint Book by Jake Knapp

You can also view his presentation slides here.


And last but by no means least, Christine Webb spoke about her time at TradeMe and how her and her team adopted Agile. She gave us some great insight into what worked and what was a challenge during this process, including advice on how to interact with your sprint team, having vision for your product and knowing when to make big changes.

She ended her talk with a great quote from Geoff Gothelf …

Developing a feature without knowing the user problem is like hearing an answer without knowing the question.

Christine also introduced the concept of Lean Coffee! A quick fire way to get team feedback by talking over a coffee, keeping it really short and capturing key points that can be spoken about in more detail later.

You can view Christine's slides here.


All in all, it was an awesome event. A huge thanks to our speakers and to Optimal Workshop for providing the venue, food, drink (nobody likes being hungry at an after-work event!) and on-going support.

We had some great feedback on the night and loved the engagement and enthusiasm from you guys!

Remember, we want you to be involved in helping build an awesome UX community. We'd love to know what you thought of the first meetup, what you learnt and if you would like us to do anything different next time!

Speaking of the community, one of our members now based in Melbourne has developed a tool to help Agile users.  Mazzlo is an analytics and forecasting tool for agile software delivery. Using delivery data from your ALM tool (e.g. JIRA).  It produces metrics and insights that help you monitor delivery along with data-driven forecasts to predict completing future work.  Anyone keen to trial or test, message us directly and we'll put you in touch.  

Please also check out our other post and let us know what you want to get from the UX Meetup Group.

Leave us a comment below and we will see you next time :)