Steve Krug: Are You Nuts? (You're not usability testing...)

New Yorker cartoon (part of Steve's talk)

New Yorker cartoon (part of Steve's talk)

We were very fortunate to have one of the original UX gurus speaking here in NZ, courtesy of Optimal Workshop.  These are some of my 'takeaways' from the event:

  • "What I do is not that hard to do"
  • "Telling people stuff that they already know"
  • Usability = attribute of good design
  • Can use the thing for it's intended purpose...without it being more trouble than it's worth
  • "Personal opinion designed as fact" :)
  • UX vs Marketing = usability is very much contextual
  • Usability Test = watch people use what you try to create while talking through what they think
  • Prototype app = Balsamic, Azure 
  • "How many people do you need to see trip on the carpet to know that it's enough?"
  • Don't Make Me Think...about things I don't need to think about
  • Not looking for opinions...but insights
  • The 6 Maxims:
  1. Start earlier than you think makes sense
  2. Build in a testing morning each month - test whatever's available
  3. Recruit loosely and grade on a curve
  4. Make it a spectator sport
  5. Focus ruthlessly on a small number of the most ruthless problems
  6. When fixing problems, always do the least you can do

You can get Steve Krug's books "Rocket Surgery Made Easy" and "Don't Make Me Think"


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