Crash Course in VR User Experience Design with Emre Deniz

Thank you very much to the Play by Play team for putting us on the wonderful Emre. Informative and entertaining. Their most iconic IP is one that gives people an idea of what it is like to go into space…and they work with NASA, pretty cool :) Captured some notes from the session – including the Q+A.  Although most of the notes are taken from and articulated much more beautifully in the slides :)

·       VR has been around since the 1960s

·       Both AR and VR used at NASA for training

·       Mixed reality being used more for ‘live’ operations

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Talk + workshop - Swibo's UX challenges + lessons learnt

Huge thanks to Ben Dunn for being prepared to share his Swibo journey and lessons learnt for the UX community.  Great to hear about the idea of games being used to help those recovering from physical injury.  An enjoyable and genuine talk, with one of the longest Q&A sessions we had in a while :)  Here are the slides.  Key notes (some repeated from the slides):

Obvious lessons learned:

  •  “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”
    • Culture aesthetics are important, e.g. in China wood = cheap
    • Also reinforces UX 101 – “you are not your user”
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User Research for Virtual Reality - Rupert & Yvonne @ Assurity

What a wonderful session to be part of.  Or were we really there?  Hopefully the notes below will help answer that question.  Big thanks to Rupert, Yvonne and the good team at Assurity for sharing what they've learned.  There was some interesting discussion and questions.  The beer and pizza was also greatly appreciated :)  And a special thanks to the wonderful Dana Fridman for her notes so we were finally able to get a post up within a reasonable timeframe!  Read on...

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The 3 core elements of meaningful work - Dan Szuc

This was an incredibly engaging, inspiring and...well, meaningful session.  Huge thanks to Dan for giving up so much of his time, particularly the day before running a workshop @ UXNZ.  Here are Dan's slides.  And some notes to be inspired and help make sense of it all :) 

* The feeling of 'yay'

* The feeling of 'stuck' 

* Exercise: barriers

* Key reflections: perspectives

* Exercise: character cards 

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First Click User Testing Workshop with Martin Bulmer

Thank you to the always entertaining and informative Martin Bulmer for teaching us about first click user testing.  And the good team at TradeMe for sharing their cool space.  

We don't even have to do a write up, as Martin very kindly shared his slides :)  They will tell you about:

  • what is first click testing
  • when to use...and when not to use
  • preparing for a test
  • objectives
  • writing tasks
  • sampling, a.k.a. who to send the survey to
  • pre-flight checks
  • analysis
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UX Research @ VUW

Thanks to Dr Catherine Caudwell, Birgit Bachler, Gillian McCarthy, Sebastien Voerman and the School of Design, Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) for a fascinating evening about design research. During this meetup, we learned about relational methods and thinking in user research, more-than-human participatory design, engaging participatory research methods, and qualitative "emotive" user testing.

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Using the crowd for user research @ Assurity

Thank you very much to Rupert and Yvonne @ Assurity for giving up their lunchtime to share their knowledge.  They have v kindly made their slides available.  And here are some notes:

  • How did they get into UX?  They do software testing and started finding out about usability, testing...then some clients started saying "we want some user testing done"  :)
  • Crowd testing = being part of a group that says "I want to test this product"
  • Assurity wanted a user-centric approach that could give feedback immediately
  • The Assurity crowd is 100% New Zealanders...and everyone in the crowd gets paid 
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Visitor Centred Design @ Te Papa

The fabulous UX team @ Te Papa shared their work with us and the UX journey they've been on.  Here are some of the insights from the session:

  • "Our customer is the visitor"
  • Our purpose is to change hearts, life and minds (Ed's note: wonderfully aspirational)
  • We are not just working with one product - there are digital kiosks, displays, video screens...
  • Here are a few of the slides from the presentation - includes the design process and matrix applies to the Collections Online project...
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How do I get into UX?

What a fantastic event at Dockside on what turned out to be a lovely Wellington evening, overlooking the harbour.  HUGE thanks to Robert Walters for putting on the event at such a great venue.  And most importantly, an even bigger thanks to our four wonderful speakers.  Here are a few notes from the evening:

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